In to Dark Sun

What Has Six Sides and No Way Out?

After being berated for oversleeping and receiving odd looks for not eating, the group moved on with Sadiq and his men. While getting to know each other and traveling down into the lower levels of the crypt, the adventurers found themselves quite suddenly in a large room that measured approximately 100 feet in all directions. The giant cube was covered in runes, almost 1 for every square foot. While searching the room, Copia quickly found that gravity was different for each wall and that each surface of the room was the same when you stood on it. Naturally this lead to an attempt to balance between the six pulls, which Copia did and discovered a sort of pattern to the runes. Soon Kane and Kairon discovered the secret to activating the runes and found a portal on each of the six “walls”. Further exploration revealed that there were blades running through the various tunnels on the other side of each portal. After much debate, Sadiq bashed each one off so the group could explore further. But, as often happens when a group of adventurers finds a puzzle, runes were activated and levers pulled. Kairon led the way to a small area with a rune and a lever. Curious, he activated the rune, placing him in a small empty room with a rune on the floor which he promptly activated, placing him in another room like the one he started in, but not so simple. The rune in this room did not activate, but after moving the lever a few times he was released, only to find himself in the largest room full of gold and treasure he had ever seen. He quickly hid, hoping the dragon who owned the lair was not around. The rest of the group waited for him to come back, and not seeing him, decided to follow after…except Copia who decided to try the lever before the rune. While the Cali joined Kairon and Jade and Sadiq fought in vain to get out of the second lever room, the rouge found herself in a predicament: when the lever stopped moving her forward, she was forced to activate a rune which took her to a room similar to the one the others had passed briefly through, except she was not alone. There was a small green dragon who did not like the new comer. After some nervous and confused exchanges, they came to terms and the small creature told Copia what to do next. Once the entire party got to the dragon’s lair they heard a large thumping shake and decided to leave quickly, though not together. After finding two separate paths, they picked one to take only to find themselves back in the cube, but this time they found a way out, leading them back to the hall they started in. Realizing it was a dead end, they turned back and began the trek back to the entrance.



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