In to Dark Sun

Out of the Rabbit Hole, Into the Fire

Finally the tunnel rose up and eventually emerged into a large, square room, empty except for the four everbright lanterns in each corner of the room. Not even dust settled here. A door on the opposite wall opened into a hall, perfectly centered on the door and leading around on either edge to a pair of doors facing each other: one going in towards a crypt like room who’s walls are bound by the square hallway, and one leading to a small stair case. The small, confused group of adventurers climbs the short flight of stairs to find another door. Behind it they can hear voices and smell food cooking. Without thought to the consequences, they begin to discus what their next move is when the room falls silent. Unsure of what to do, the companions knock. Sadiq and his men on the other side of the door prepare for battle as Sadiq waits to see if the knock is followed by “Housekeeping”, but it is not, so he opens the door. The group is slightly startled by the scared, stern face with the large, stone hammer that sizes them up with a little confusion. After several awkward exchanges, Sadiq invites them in to sit and talk. And both groups begin to learn quickly about the other and find that they are not from the same world, or at least not the same time in the same world. Attempts to sound sane, make sense, and accept the change fail for the four comrades who just emerged from what seemed like a living hell, but is now the closed door they wish they could go back through. But when one can’t go back, one goes forward. And without a clear path to follow, the group decides to follow Sadiq, hoping that he will at least break them slowly into this world.



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